Trento, May 3, 2013


This website [The Law of Tourism Sports – www.dirittodeglisportdelturismo.it], created and directed by prof. Umberto Izzo, has been conceived for scientific and educational purposes by a group of Italian academics who work to (and are interested in) promoting knowledge and legal analysis of the law of tourism sports.

The subject, in all its ramifications, is at the core of a systematic study whose results are now published in a legal Treatise, of which this website is intended to be an ideal and ongoing development. The website contents are offered to all interested parties, legal practitioners, but also professionals, pratictioners and fans of the sport, as well as professional managers of the tourist services without whom it would be impossible to combine the exercise of sport with the enjoyment of a holiday stay.

The website is mainly in Italian since it has been conceived to target a public made mostly by Italian professional readers, but over the time will it offer more contents in English and (in some cases) other languages.

The team of scholars running the website is open to collaborations with anyone interested, and is happy to be contacted in order to receive (in particular by judges, lawyers and researchers) suggestions and materials (judgements, regulations and legislative provisions, data, news, event reports, publications on the subject, and other critical contributions – also in English, French, German, Spanish) eligible to be published in dirittodeglisportdelturismo.it. The contributors will be gratefully mentioned in the special section of the webite dedicated to thank the supporters of our scientific endevour.

The website has been launched online since May 3, 2013, and, being a continuous work in progress, over the time has been progressively updated and expanded to offer to the public of interested readers an authoritative point of reference on all technical elements of knowledge useful to get an understanding, also in a comparative vein, of the several issues addressed by the legal regulation of tourism sports.

One final quick note on how to search the website contents. The research can be launched from this query section (also accessible from the home page in the left box “Strumenti di ricerca”, according to the textual parameters selected by the user, just like any research carried out with google or other search engines. This will return all blog posts bearing the occurrences of the term (or the plurality of terms) included in your search query. Alternatively, users can follow the tags displayed in the same page, and this will return all the tagged documents in chronological order, starting form the most recent post. The tags usually lead to the case law dealing with the specific subject matter of the tag, while tags preceeded by the Italian term “normative” will return legislation and regulations organized according to the taxonomies proposed in the various sections “Law and regulations” (displayed in the left column of the homepage of the site).

Enjoy your researches!

Umberto Izzo