AUSTRIA (credits: Andrea Schwaighofer)


National public and private institutions that play a role in fostering the goal of safety of the ski areas

Authorities: Overview

No legal basis for the police to act preventatively or as ski patrol

In general, the Community (Gemeinde) is responsible for security issues with regard to ski areas.

No national public institution which is exclusively competent for safety issues in ski areas.


Public/private institutions 

Österreichisches Kuratorium für alpine Sicherheit (Austrian Curatorship for Alpine Security) 

Dedicated to the field of avalanche prevention and rescue as well as alpine accident research

Organizer of several workshops and conferences

  1. Bergrettung (Mountain rescue services)

Provides valuable tips for skiers and tourers


Private institutions

Österreichischer Alpenverein (Austrian Alpine Club) – different organisation for each Austrian Federal State expert advice and training of proven experts

Österreichische Berg-und Schiführer (Austrian alpine guides) – Up-to-date reports, safety tips

Code of behaviour in event of avalanches, correct safety equipment


National public or private entities which represent the Ski Area Operators 

No central association of Ski Area Operators; rather organized in regional tourism associations

Fachverband Die Seilbahnen Österreichs, angesiedelt bei der Wirtschaftskammer, WKO (cable cars of Ausrtia, located by the chamber of commerce)  


Other website of academic or professional origin that provide useful information to our subject of research

bsR Forschungsstelle für Bergsportrecht (research center for law concerning mountain sports) 

Development and Improvement of Austrian and international legal standards

The aim is to reduce accident damages concerning mountain activities